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EIGO de Miyavi: Miyavi in English

EIGO de Miyavi is a journal dedicated to translating just about everything Miyavi-related --from lyrics, diary entries, to interviews-- into plain English. I can't vouch that every translation is 100% accurate. I translate according to my understanding, just so Miyavi fans can get an idea of what's going on and around. However, if anyone is willing to correct any mistakes in my translations, they are welcome to.

I'm not translating every Miyavi article on the planet, only if I'm able to do an accurate translation of it. I don't accept requests, but if anyone wants me to translate interviews they can send me clear scans of the article to this address. I'll reply to you if I can do the translation. I also won't translate past diary entries, for a bunch of them(along with translations of lyrics) can be found at Night In Girl, the best English Miyavi site out there.

Please do not take these translations and put them other sites. If you want to use these translations, please ask my permission first.

All past translations can be found in the archive.

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