Miyavi in English (wagahai) wrote,
Miyavi in English


This is not an update. Not that you were expecting one, seeing as wagahai has been idle for so many months.

The truth is, I'm not the Miyavi fan I used to be. I still like some of his old songs, and the new ones, but not to the point where I would faithfully check his site everyday for updates. I take note of his activities from time to time only.

So. I was wondering if you guys knew about masakarasu. It's a Miyavi translation community which is, I assure you, much more active than this journal here. I was wondering... do you feel if wagahai needs to be around any more? Of course, I can continue translating, if others would like me to, but I'd still be inconsistent since I'm easily distracted. I apologise, and ask for your opinions on this.

Thanks for all the support all this time! Time to transfer more of the love to masakarasu now.
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